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Fearless Podcast, County Lines (Contains adult themes)

June 19, 2019

A special episode in partnership with Crimestoppers.  The episode explores the work of and goes on to look at issues related to 'county lines' crime.  Explaining what that entails and looking at its current place in the wider world of drug dealing and crime.  The podcast team speak to guests Geraint Williams (Fearless Outreach Worker), Steve Ridyard and PC Alyn Smith to bring you a range of perspectives on the subject.  

The production team for this episode worked over 12 weeks as part of the Creative Sparks scheme at TAPE to research and develop the podcast, this included designing the logo, researching the guests and interview techniques as well as all the tech stuff.  

The production team for this episode were:  

Ellis Roberts, Tim Lewin, Hugh Fletcher, Liam McAughley & Katie Costello 






If you'd like to be involved in future episodes of the podcast you can as part of the Creative Sparks scheme: